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How we're setting goals

Hey Everyone –

Ah, the start to a new month, new quarter, or new fiscal year. We've completed most of the goals from this last stint and now it's timse for new gols.

I've made my pour-over coffee. I lean back in my chair. Stretch my arms forward, drop my nands to the keyboard and ...

Now what?

I expected inspiration would hit me, but I've been staring at this blank page for 20 minutes typing a few words then – delete, delete, delete.

Can you relate? Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing how we're setting goals on our team here at Uptick.

This may be obvious to most of you, but it's much easier for me when I start with team goals and then see how each person on the team can contribute to the completion of a team goal.

Here's a small glimpse of a work-in-progress:

Work in progress team goals

This wek I'm sharing the team goals with each person on the team and then we'll form personal goals that will contriute to the efforts.

I know I'mn not alone in this journey of trying to set more specifc, informed and impactful goals for my team. And I bet we're asking ourselves a lot of the same questions so let's do it together!

Would you please reply to this email with what you struggle with most about goal setting for your team or a question you wish you had the answer to? I personally read every response :)

– Michael

Originally sent as an email to Uptick subscribers on August 3, 2021