J. Michael Probert

Email me: jmichael{last_name} at gmail.com


I've always been making things. Playing with LEGO as a kid, designing my own guitar effects circuits in high school,  launching a line of studio-grade instrument cables in college, and ultimately now a career in software products (with hardware passion projects).

I'm driven to bridge the gap between the hoped-for future state and making it a reality. I get excited by product work because we get to solve problems real people are facing right now.

I enjoy working across the entire spectrum of product development. I'm just as comfortable conducting JTBD customer interviews as I am discussing technical trade-offs with engineers and each step inbetween.

"What's the J stand for?"

James. My parents always called me Michael, but my dad thought having a three-part name sounded nice. So, on anything official I put the "J." there. Here's to you Pops 👋